Commercial Maintenance

Landscaping for Water Features, Pond & Waterfalls in Calgary

Sungreen Landscaping also offers the water features residents and clients notice, from lovely, peaceful ponds to refreshing waterfalls and more. Even when you’re located in the heart of the city, you can offer visitors a breath of fresh air with your water feature in Calgary.

Attract Clients

Our commercial clients often find that, after we install their water feature, their customers return again and again because they remember how they enjoyed the tranquil setting. Imagine the attraction of a small stream trickling over the rocks to a picturesque pond below, wish fish darting here and there to catch the eye.

Native Alberta Flora & Fauna

We can surround your waterfall, pond or cascade with hardy, native Alberta plantings that not only attract the eye but also maintain the province’s native ecosystem. We’ll even stock your pond, if you desire, with tantalizing koi fish that will provide hours of family nature-watching fun at your apartment complex, business or neighbourhood, providing an additional selling point.

We Maintain It Year-Round!

Best of all, Sungreen Landscaping provides year-round commercial maintenance, giving you all the benefits of an attractive and serene outdoor water feature without the headaches of upkeep. Leave the work to our expert landscapers! Call us today to learn more about how we can make your home, apartment complex or business sparkle like a jewel with natural water features that echo the beauty of the Albertan outdoors. It costs less than you think.