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Why You Need Professional Landscaping for Your Business

Landscaping companies in Calgary, like Sungreen Landscaping, can make sure there’s no waste on your property and that weeds and plants don’t take over walkways. A place of business that looks unkempt or is overrun with weeds suggests that the owner simply does not care. Or worse, a visitor could trip while walking on a cluttered path, and potentially sue you for negligence from failure to maintain the premises. By investing in regular landscaping, you can prevent that from happening.

Attractive landscaping will give everyone a better first impression about your business, and that translates into increased sales, more clients, and happier, more productive staff members. There are two primary purposes for commercial landscaping; they are:

1. Commercial Landscape Maintenance. Landscape maintenance for your business in Calgary will help you keep the current aesthetic value and look of your property. Landscaping crews take care of every detail to keep your property attractive and safe. Some maintenance items include:

  • Seasonal landscape clean-up, including snow removal in the winter
  • Lawn cutting services
  • Maintenance of flower beds, shrubs and tree wells
  • Tree health care services
  • Tree planting and removal service
  • Turf fertilization and weed control programs
  • Lawn aeration
  • Irrigation system installation and weekly monitoring
  • Service and repairs for irrigation systems

2. Commercial Landscape Improvements. Many business owners turn to a landscaping architect for their property in Calgary to add more elements to their existing landscape. That will increase and improve the aesthetic appeal and property value. Improvements to your commercial property may include:

  • Sodding or re-sodding lawns
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Removing overgrown or dead trees, shrubs, and plants
  • Redesigning gardens, pathways, and walkways
  • Adding sitting areas
  • Incorporating hardscapes such as rocks, wood, and flagstone

Well-planned landscaping can also save money on utility costs. Professional landscapers can recommend the best trees, shrubs, and plants based on the sun/shade exposure and layout of your building. For example, planting shade trees in the right areas can block the sun from heating your building. That keeps your property cooler, meaning less demand on your air conditioner.

Do you need commercial landscapers in Calgary?

Every day at Sungreen Landscaping we help businesses improve and maintain their landscaping to create beautiful outdoor spaces that customers want to return to again and again. To request a free estimate or advice on commercial landscaping for your property, give us a call today at 256‑7500, ext.105.